Moving printing introduction

Moving printing process is a bit like a rubber stamp, but a rubber stamp made itself protruding wen, dip in ink moved to take to the areas it would mark a pressure on simple words. Moving printing technology can help the deformation of moving printing plastic head to complete the transfer of ink, pad printing plastic head surface is not contain graphic; Need to bask in the first pictures and etching into moving printing intaglio, then in moving printing intaglio surface besmear printing ink, with hard drawknife raze plate ? table
A, pad printing process principle
Moving printing refers to their content is irregular abnormity surfaces (such as the instrument, electrical parts, toys, etc), the use of copper or steel sheet, silicone rubber hemispherical surface shape molten image by the moving printing head to pressure to the page will be transfer printing ink to the thing on the way to complete transfer printing.
Moving printing technology introduction