Iml introduced

The IML Chinese name: a mould labeling of the process is very significant features are: the surface is a layer of hardening of the transparent film, and the middle is printing design layer, the back is plastic layer, because ink caught in the middle, which can effectively prevent product ink layer scratch, can keep for a long time of the distinctive color is not easy to fade. IML screen printing is set, the forming and injection of combination of a new type of mould decoration technology, in product adornment respect, mould decoration (IML) is one of the most effective and save cost method, the application of diversification has made a mould adornment into the ideal replaced many of the traditional process: like heat transfer, surface directly printing, surface spraying, direct electroplating, double color such as injection traditions decorate a method. It is most suitable for 3 D products, especially need consistent set of ?
IML technology introduction